Houses for rent offers full service property management with online portal, free rental ads, and homes for rent database in Southern California.

As a property management company, fully supports owners who understand that it is important to maintain your investment, take care of deferred maintenance, and be able to present our clients (the tenants) a product we can be proud of!  It’s also great when we can show appreciation for our clients business by tending to their needs in a timely manner, not skimping or cutting corners on repairs or rent readies, and rewarding them when they cross certain milestones.  For instance, when a tenant has lived in a property for more than two years it’s a great idea to give them a rent credit as a show of appreciation!  We have some property owners who practice this on a regular basis and their turnover is the lowest around!  Make a client feel special and appreciated and you will gain their loyalty and years of business and that is the whole point, right?

Owning a houses for rent or multiple homes for rent can be a great and financially rewarding experience if done properly.  You’ve made a good move by hiring a property management firm like to handle the day to day operations.  Now you need to make sure your investment flourishes and maintains value, and your main source of income is happy and content in your property.  If you have a tenant who has been great, always paid on time and has lived in the home for more than a year than they deserve a little thank you today.  Feel free to give the office a call to see what we can do to help you show your appreciation!  Maybe a complimentary carpet cleaning, a Starbucks gift card, or even just a thank you card can go a long way…think about it and give us your feedback. 

Property owners, do you think of your houses for rent this way?  If not, you should take a second look and understand that your real estate investment is a real life bona fide business and you are the owner of that business. is your store manager (good choice by the way), and the tenant we have placed in your property is your client.  If it were not for your client, [the tenant] none of us would be making any money whatsoever from this crazy rental property business.  The tenant is who pays all of our bills (most of them anyway) and without them, there would be no income in owning property until you sold.  Now, that wouldn’t be any fun would it?  So, having said that we need to make sure that we are presenting our business in the best way possible and also offering the best customer service we can.

If your houses for rent was a restaurant, what grade would you most likely see posted to the front window?  An “A”, a “B”, a “C”?  If your houses for rent was a car on a car lot, what would it be?  Would it be a top of the line Lexus or a dirty beat up 1976 Pinto?